CST and your life experiences

If you look back through your life you might remember how some of your life experiences were easier or more difficult to cope with.You are unique and will have experienced the ups and downs of your life in your own way.  So life experiences such as hospitalisations, birth, anaesthetics, dental trauma, pollution, bad diets, bereavment, family breakups, falls and accidents may leave one person unscathed yet another in a state of trauma for life.  Shock, trauma and overwhelm may be forgotten by us but it can be remembered in the cells of our bodies and disrupt the normal structural, fluid and energy flows in the body such that it appear years later in a myriad of physical and emotional symptoms.  Craniosacral therapy (CST) helps to release trauma held in the body and thus restore normal rhythmic movement and health.

By clearing these past experiences  and compensations from the body your vitality (used to hold it in place until it can be processed) is returned to you, boosts your immune system and knocks years of the ageing process.