Radical Amazement.

I have over the past 30 years been a food technologist, chef, baker and cheese maker and always attempted to integrate my spiritual path into my daily life. Fifteen years ago I had a shift in conciousness in the kitchen which changed the way I was seeing the world.

This experience (which i called Radical Amazement) allowed me to sense, see and feel the wonder and creative genius of the plants and herbs i was working with in the kitchen. What is incredible is no spiritual tradition anywhere in the world had i encountered anything which spoke of the power of plants to shift human conciousness into a realised state and yet thats what it had just done to me. In looking at and understanding this experience i have over the past 15 years developed a methodology to help others open to this connection. I now share this with people in the form of lectures, workshops and teaching what I call  "The Amazement Process ".

By simply working together in a more embodied way, an ability to truly know the world emerges. A knowing that comes not from the head but from something other. In these moments we experience genuine presence, genuine heart and we can tap into a knowledge that feels truthful and real. Through seeing with these new eyes a connection is made that inherently holds a joy and happiness that connects us to our own true nature and the true nature of other.

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