What Works for You?

There are many different theoretical approaches to help guide which foods support you the most and these may change through your life and according to your circumstances (e.g. stress levels) and environment (e.g. temperate or tropical climate). Through the embodiment process with self awareness you will come to know what foods and diet supports you the most in any moment. Here I have outlined some approaches which you may like to research further.


The work of Prof. Zeberio (Zeberio and Buttner - Zeberio 1998) shows that food grown outside our local climate zone (i.e. in foreign countries) can decrease our nutritional absorption to as little as 40%. For example, a banana grown in a warm country, contains a different proportion of water, fire, air and earth to foods grown in cold and damp conditions. Since our bodies are adapted to the climate we live in, they recognise the local foods better, which gives the body an optimised chance of absorption of all the nutrients. Eating a fairly traded, organic banana seems really healthy and ethical, but will in fact not nourish your body as much as a locally grown apple. Zebario’s recommendation is that we eat at least 50% local food.

Chinese philosophy offers a system for finding optimum food for our individual constitution relating to our climate as well. This system classifies both human bodies and foods according to their elemental constituents (fire, water, earth, metal and wood). A person can have a con- stitution with an emphasis on one element, or a combination of two elements. For example one can have a water-earth or a a double metal constitution, or any other combination. Each specific element relates to certain organs in the body. In this last example, a double metal constitution living in a cold, damp climate will not have enough fire to burn off moisture. So this persons diet ideally should be adjusted to eat mostly cooked food, and avoid foods that trap moisture in the body such as raw food (see for example http://www.meridianpress.net/ for more detailed information). If you are battling with your health or are interested in getting more of an understanding for which foods support you the most, I do recommend taking time to explore it.


I found the blood type diet very supportive when I was struggling with my health. The informa- tion shared here is taken from the work of Dr.Peter J Adamo (See book references). Your blood type can reflect your internal chemistry and the way you absorb nutrients. Foods absorbed well and how your body responds to stress may differ with each blood type - full information is found in the book and is available online for free.