Frances Andre.

"I see Wayne for Cranial sacral therapy about 3 weekly because I want to support my system to feel nourished and rejuvenated.I feel like i need time for me when I can just let go. Wayne is a skilled practitioner, and I have noticed a very positive impact on my general level of health and wellbeing through visiting him for treatments.  He has wonderful fresh energy with a knack for explaining CSP in a way which makes it understandable."

Colin Harrison from

‘I received three treatments from Wayne following a multi car pile-up on the motorway. There was a considerable amount of trauma in my system, resulting particularly in feelings of acute anxiety with driving, and areas of pain and muscular holding in the back and hips. These were all greatly eased through the treatments.

This is what Imogen said

 " My daughter Lola and i came to see wayne in the first week after giving birth.I'd had a long 4 day birthing process which had been traumatising for me and ended in postpartum haemorrhaging.Also with such a long labour i was not sure how Lola had been affected.I felt a lot of pain and tension left in my body.I noticed after our first session my neck and shoulder pain had gone and i was feeling lighter and energized, which was amazing for a sleep deprived new mom.We had 4 more sessions which included Lola. These sessions helped enormously to clear and heal us both form my long drawn out process.When things were at a time hectic the sessions brought me a sense of calm and peace which i especially needed.Also knowing Lola had been treated and cleared of any trauma held from the labour meant i would have a happy/healthy baby right from the beggining of her life".I always felt like i was in good hands.Thank you Wayne :-))).


"I came to see wayne after i was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His approach to my healing journey embraced the Medical model but also included a far wider context of ways to embace my condition psychologically, emotionally and how my diet was supporting me or not. The treatments by clearing past trauma are helping my immune system and im feeling a new sense of wellbeing on many different levels. His support and knowledge has helped me feel informed and held through what was a crisis and i can now breathe more easily.