From an article "How to look Deeper" by Chris Nichols (Director Ashridge Executive Education) and Chris Seeley (Business Coach). "Wayne in some ways represents a way of seeing that is excluded from everyday organisational life. But that is the point. We have depleted our ways of seeing to such an extent that we are bewildered, we have lost our connection to wildness and sense of wonder. Wayne brings this flooding back to everyone he touches and he is, because of this one of the greatest teachers. Simply working with him brings about new ways of seeing, and new ways of seeing are at the heart of of the healing that needs to come about".

Polly Higgins-Laywer and Author of "Eradicating Ecocide: Laws and Governance to prevent the destruction of our Planet". "I have previously spent a day workshop with Wayne at the Gaia Foundation where he taught us Radical Amazement and it was (as it had been the very first time i visited Schumacher College) a most profound and moving experience which has changed my relationship with food forever. No-where else in the world has this food-body-earth teaching element".