Self Awareness


Where you are coming from within yourself will determine the grace and joy that you will achieve your goals.

So no matter what you want to do in the world being in touch with yourself will be very helpful because you need to be in touch with the wellspring of your own unique design to birth it into the world. What i offer is an enquiry into the question Socrates asked " Man know thyself ". Probably from what for most will be a very different viewpoint. We get to look at, map and experience what that is.

 We explore  "What for you constitutes a meaningful human life". 

In the journey of finding the self we look at various aspects of our human evolution on the planet and become conscious of a few of its effects on conditioning who we are today. For example. Most of us live in a post industrialist, patriarchal, reductionist world. These all have very powerful conditioning abilities. Once you are aware of these they no longer sabotage who you think you are.

I believe that if you want to be fully engaged with the world today a new type of Self Awareness is required that answers to and is relevant for the times we live in. I began this search at about the age of 7 and after passing through countless traditions both western and eastern i finally feel i now have a system that answers the questions or points to "What it means to be fully human and yet embrace a path of Being present, aware and awake in the world". Some of the ideas and methodologies come from other traditions and many from my own experiences, shifts in consciousness, healing and awakening. Deep appreciation to everyone who has taken the time to help me heal and reveal what lies within.

If you find this arousing your curiosity or calling to you to move to deeper ground in your own life, do get in touch.