Focusing was developed by Eugene Gendlin and his colleagues when they bagan asking why therapy succeeds for some clients, but not for many others. In their research they found that the successful clients could be spotted easily.......Differences in methods of therapy meant little......What did count, the researches concluded, 'is what successful clients do inside themselves'. They were Focusing intuitively. The Focusing skill - in which one makes 'contact with a special kind of internal body awareness' -- can be learned by anyone in or out of therapy.        -------"Washington Post"

Focusing has many applications and is presently used in psychotherapy, business, education, creative writing, healing, biofeedback and meditation.

Focusing is a major contribution to contemporary psychotherapy.....Gendlins somatic viewpoint goes beneath the failures of psychotherapy to find a subconscious reality that is as dependable as it is non-verbal.      ------ "Somatics"

The Focusing instructions and steps help.... to cultivate a internal bodily awareness that is so very much the foundation of new spiritual practice.   .....D.P.Brown, Ph.D. Department of Psychiatry...Harvard Medical School.